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Divyansh Tripathi
September 19th, 2021 · 1 min read


Read this amazing book yesterday by @austinkleon and there are some things that struck me hard as a budding content creator. So just sharing the lessons which affected me the most. Also this is the book which inspired me to carry on with my blogging and content creation career. #showyourwork

Don’t be a HUMAN SPAM…

“They are the people who don’t want to pay their dues, they want their piece right here, right now.” Not gonna lie I was turning into one lately and I suddenly realized that I have to listen to their ideas if I want them to listen to mine.


Sturgeon’s Law

90% of everything is crap. A quote by science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon. So if that is true for everything, then it also includes the content we produce. So don’t worry too much about every post being PERFECT.


Find Your Voice

To be worth listening you have to find your own voice. What kind of content do you produce? And the only way to find that is to start speaking I guess? Start talking about things you like not about the things you think people would like.


So What Test

Before posting anything ask yourselves, So what?? Is your desk setup picture helping anyone? (guilty as charged)


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